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Direction Signs (White with Black Letters)


1. add two direction signs to your cart

2. use the promo code: BOGOHPES2023


Make sure your guests find your celebration or business with a high quality personalised direction sign with your own wording!


Wording – personalised with your own wording: Please make sure you check the wording that you ask for.

Direction – right, left, straight-ahead, no direction . please note, the direction is as you face the sign.

Holes positions/fixing - (see hole image)

What are these made from: The material used is a high quality exterior grade aluminium laminate, which is a rigid material and is used for permanent high quality outdoor signage.

What is the size?: 50 x 15 cm and 55 x 20cms

Fonts: We now offer Arial Bold and Times Roman Italics



If needed urgently, please contact us ASAP after ordering.


For Times Roman Direction Signs click the link below

For Clipart to be added click the link below

Direction Signs (White with Black Letters)


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